Celebrating Love in Greece: A Guide to Same-Sex Marriage

Greece, is known for its picturesque landscapes, ancient history, and warm hospitality and is an eternally popular destination for weddings. And now, with the legalisation of same-sex marriage this week, it has opened its arms wider to embrace love in all its forms.

The Lefkas Weddings team are thrilled to see Greece taking this progressive step towards equality and inclusion. Whether you are envisioning a romantic ceremony against the backdrop of the Ionian Sea or a chic celebration in a stylish Greek villa, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Legal Framework

As of 15 February 2024, same-sex marriage became legal in Greece, marking a significant milestone in the country’s journey towards LGBTQ+ rights. Now, couples of all genders can officially declare their love and commitment to each other under Greek law.

Planning Your Same-Sex Wedding in Greece

From the pastel-coloured streets of Lefkada old town to the tranquil island of Meganisi, the Ionian islands and Epirus coast of Greece offer an array of stunning settings for your special day.

Lefkada: Nestled in the Ionian Sea, Lefkada offers wedding couples a stunning blend of natural beauty and cultural charm. With its azure waters, rugged cliffs, and lush greenery, Lefkada provides the perfect backdrop for romantic beach ceremonies and cliffside vows. Couples can choose from a variety of venues, including luxury villas, stylish beach clubs, leafy olive groves and restaurants by the sea, ensuring a truly personalised and unforgettable wedding experience.

Wedding ceremony on grasss lawn at The View villa Lefkada with white flower arch and panoramic sea view

Meganisi: As a hidden gem in the Ionian Islands, Meganisi captivates wedding couples with its serene beauty and unspoiled landscapes. Couples seeking intimacy and seclusion will find their dream wedding venue amidst Meganisi’s secluded beaches, tranquil coves, and three picturesque villages. Whether exchanging vows in Spartohori village with panoramic views or hosting a chic celebration in a private villa overlooking the sea, Meganisi offers couples a romantic and intimate setting for their special day.

Parga: Perched on the Epirus coast of Greece, Parga continues to enchant our couples with its beauty and romantic atmosphere. With its Venetian castle old town architecture and turquoise waters, Parga exudes old-world charm and timeless elegance. Couples can choose from a range of venues, including stylish restaurants, historic buildings, and boutique hotels, ensuring a wedding day that is as romantic and unforgettable as the destination itself.

Sivota: Just a short drive north of Parga, is Sivota Thesprotias offering wedding couples a secluded and idyllic setting for their special day. With its numerous secluded bays, crystal-clear waters, and lush greenery, Sivota provides a picture-perfect backdrop for intimate ceremonies and sunset vows. Couples can exchange vows at their private villa, or host a chic celebration at our favourite Thalassa Restaurant, creating memories to last a lifetime in this hidden paradise.

view over infinity pool and sea at sivota thesprotias

Palairos: Situated on the mainland coast near Lefkada, Palairos offers wedding couples a charming and authentic Greek experience. With its quaint harbour, traditional tavernas, and olive groves stretching to the sea, Palairos exudes rustic charm and laid-back elegance. Couples can tie the knot in a private villa overlooking the bay, or host a rustic-chic celebration at a traditional Greek taverna, creating memories infused with the beauty and romance of this picturesque and unspoilt destination.

Your Love Story, Our Inspiration

Every love story is unique, and we believe that your wedding should reflect the essence of who you are as a couple. My team understands the importance of having a supportive and inclusive team by your side. From liaising with local vendors to coordinating legal requirements, we’re here to ensure that your wedding planning journey is as seamless and stress-free as possible.

If you are dreaming of an elegant same-sex wedding in Greece and feel one of the stunning areas where we create weddings is the ideal location for your day, send me a message here with all the details of your day. I would love to help bring your special day to life.

Photography: Maxeen Kim Photography