Amente Lefkada: Wedding Highlights

As wedding planners, we’re constantly in awe of the love stories that unfold in the most enchanting settings. In September, we had the honor of orchestrating a truly magical celebration at the breathtaking Amente Lefkada, and we’re thrilled to share the highlights of this unforgettable day with you.

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of Lefkada, Amente is a hidden gem that is renowned for it’s sunsets, live music performances and excellent dining experience. Located 800m up on the west coast it offers sweeping views of the Ionian Sea and lush greenery, providing the perfect backdrop for our Carmela and Matthew’s dream wedding.

To experience the magic of this unforgettable wedding at Amente Lefkada, we invite you to watch the highlights film below. We hope it fills your heart with joy and reminds you of the beauty that surrounds us, both in love and in life.

If you’ve been captivated by the stunning location of Amente Lefkada showcased in our highlights film, I invite you to take the next step in your wedding journey with my Lefkas Weddings team. Send me a message here with all the details of your day. I would love to help bring your special day to life.

Planned by Claire at Lefkas Weddings

Film by Angelos Lagos Filmmaker