Vow Books For Your Destination Wedding

There is all sorts of stationery for your wedding day in the Greek islands, from the invitations to the place setting cards. But one perhaps that is not the most obvious — is a pair of wedding vow books, so that you and your partner can get down those vows in a special way.

blue and white greek wedding stationery

What is a wedding vow book?

It is a stylish way to have your vows ready to read at your ceremony instead of a crumpled piece of paper or post-it note (oh yes we have seen everything!) and looks very elegant in your photographs.

Greece Destination vow book blue and white print

You can use the book for notes, first drafts, and ultimately, the harmonious blend of words you say on the actual day. Or simply print your finished vows and stick them inside in a clear, easy to read font.

Whether your style is classic, romantic, rustic, or something in between, the options are endless when it comes to choosing vow books that fit your wedding aesthetic and budget. And the best bit is that they act as excellent keepsakes for years to come after your big day, which is the ultimate win.

Why should we write our vows down?

When you are excitedly (and nervously!) standing at the ceremony, even the most rehearsed wedding vows can suddenly vanish from your mind in the emotion of the moment so I always recommend my couples to write them down and myself or the officiant also has a copy on the day too, just in case!

Taking the time to write down your vows in a journal might seem old-fashioned, but that’s exactly what I love about this tradition. Your wedding vow books will become keepsakes that you can store with your wedding photo album, invitations, and other mementos from the day — not to mention that you’ll get a wave of nostalgia whenever you open the books and re-read your vows.

Here are some elegant and pretty vow books and cards from my destination wedding couples in Lefkada at Sivota Thesprotias.

grey wedding bow book with gold script
groom reading from wedding vow book to his bride
destination wedding vow book with flower design
bride and groom looking at wedding vow book
beach wedding vow books with seashell design
bride and groom in garden ceremony in greece reading from grey vow books

Images by Maxeen Kim Photography