Postponing a destination wedding from a real bride

Micro weddings, elopements, and creative postponement plans were some of 2020’s unexpected top destination wedding trends. It is nearly the start of the 2021 wedding season and as we all know, the Covid situation is not completely back to normal.

Remaining positive right now is key for me and my brides, so we continue with planning as usual, especially as the main summer period looks promising for everyone. If the situation arises with their wedding date that postponing their destination wedding is the best path for them, then I am always available to chat and explain what options are available.

Lefkada wedding planner Claire Salisbury of Lefkas Weddings in a green dress reading ceremony script with wedding couple on a beach

For me personally, I am looking forward to seeing each day we are planning come to life and have the couple and the guests add those final two ingredients for a fabulous day; love and laughter. Moments like Connie & Rich’s beach wedding ceremony [above] are what makes being a Lefkada wedding planner such a rewarding job.

If you and your partner are in the middle of postponing your destination wedding or on your second or third reschedule, and wondering how to proceed with your wedding in Greece then read on to find out how one of my UK couples made the journey from postponement to ‘I Do’.

What is it like to postpone a wedding?

Connie & Rich offered to share their personal experience with you of what it felt like to postpone their wedding in Meganisi from May to September 2020.

How did you feel when you realised that your original date in May would need to be postponed? 

Devastated! For us, postponing our destination wedding was a decision we had to make just six weeks before the wedding date. So much preparation, strict dieting etc all felt like a wasted effort!

Why did you choose to move from May to September over a 2021 date? 

We wanted to marry as soon as possible, especially hearing that a second spike in the virus was a possibility. We initially considered the end of June but decided to wait until September and went with the first available date we could and we are so glad we did!

Did you ever consider cancelling the Greek plans altogether? 

Never! It was Greece and Meganisi in particular, or not at all.

How easy was it to rearrange travel and wedding plans? 

Rearranging the wedding plans was fairly easy for us as Claire, our wedding planner, did all of the hard work for us! It was harder however trying to get our guests to RSVP to a new date with all of the virus uncertainty, and we understood that and that some of them were still waiting on refunds from their original accommodation and flights before they rebooked. Completing the passenger locator form each time a flight changed was definitely not a highlight but we did it!

Did the postponement impact with the guest list? 

We were originally having 51 guests and we ended up with 18. Our best man (my brother), who was going to give me away could no longer make the new date which was devastating. Nevertheless, we had a beautifully intimate day and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Did you have to make any changes to your plans because of Covid?  

We promoted our maid of honour to “best woman” to make a speech as our best man couldn’t be there and I asked my mum to give me away in place of my brother. Aside from that, we were very lucky that little else had to change. 

How did you stay positive throughout? 

It was difficult but the minuscule number of cases in Lefkas (and Greece as a whole) certainly kept us hopeful and keeping in touch with Claire our wedding planner who arrived in Greece in June from the UK also kept hopes up.

Were you nervous to travel and did you feel safe in Greece with the measures? 

We weren’t nervous at all to travel, especially not to Greece where cases were so much lower than in the UK. It felt like a relief to be leaving the bad news for a couple of weeks, to be honest. We felt very safe in Greece with the measures in place; all restaurant staff wore masks and you needed to wear masks in the shops etc but it felt less scary than at home. On the island, everybody ate outside anyway, and the weather was so much warmer so it just felt like a better place to be.

Any advice for another couple thinking to plan a wedding in Greece in the current world situation? 

Do it! For us, it felt much more likely that we would get married in Greece than we would have at home in the UK. When I arrived at the beach I felt so content! I wasn’t at all nervous, just happy to see Rich waiting at the arch (with our family and friends around him) and the surrounding beauty of Zorbas beach.

Connie & Rich

micro beach wedding in greece by planner Lefkas Weddings

More details and photographs from Connie & Rich’s beautiful Meganisi wedding day coming soon on the blog!

Planned by Lefkas Weddings with Maxeen Kim Photography

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