June 2012 – Amani & Niki get married

We stayed up until 3am moving the furniture for the ceremony and arranging the tables. This was like a Crystal Maze puzzle as we all swapped different size tables around to make sure all the guests would fit comfortably. There was a slight panic when the matching chairs we had borrowed were tested against the tables only to find out they were too low. So back to the original plan which looked great with one long head table and four guest tables.Niki & Amani Ceremony

We were up early the next morning. Myself and the girls cutting , and tying chair sashes and Kostas rushing about with the phone permanently ringing. Niki and his groomsmen arrived about 10am and spent the rest of the day having a swim, lunch and a beer to settle the pre-wedding nerves!

Amani arrived on a yacht from Sail Ionian and wore a full length lace dress. After the ceremony the guests enjoyed a Pimms & Lemonade (No matter who many times I tell him it is ‘Pimms’ Kosta still refers to it as ‘Pimps & Lemonade’)!!

I think for the future we will recommend ceremonies to be held later than 3pm in June as it was still awfully hot, especially for the guests who were sat waiting for the bride.

Food eaten and speeches read, the happy couple went back down to the pool area to cut their 3 tier, heart-shaped, wedding cake. This was followed by dancing until the small hours and Giota behind the bar made so many Mojitos we had to go and get more Bacardi at one point!

After all the guests had departed we all had a well deserved drink and some food (I won’t say what time it was but it was more morning that night!) and put all the furniture back ready for business as usual the next day.  Lovely day & a great wedding.


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