Planning the first wedding…

For the first wedding in June 2012 they advised us that as they had friends on the island they had already  sorted their paperwork, bridal flowers and transport so all they needed was to arrange the ceremony and the reception.

So first thing to do was to decide which location would be best. So at the approx time of the wedding Kostas and I stood in various locations around the restaurant and pool area and looked at where there was light or shade, access via flat or steps, where could the buffet be placed and roughly what time the sun would set over the mountains accross the bay!

Then we devised a buffet menu with the chef and sat down to work out the costs involved. This is where the British and Greek approach to business hit some disagreements! After another hour, several phone calls to suppliers, some of googling, a skype call to my friend in UK, several coffees and a lot of Greek arm waving we had our first wedding package put together!

We sent the email and waited for a reply… When it came and I saw it was a ‘yes’, I remember running outside to find Kostas to tell him we had our first wedding. We were jumping up and down with the news, which in light of the struggles of the Greek economy casting a shadow over the coming summer season, was really great news.


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