LEFKAS WEDDINGS – Lyndsay & Adam’s Wedding Part 1

What a busy week in Lefkada for us at Lefkas Weddings. I met with Lyndsay & Adam our wedding couple and finalised the arrangements and presented them with a souvenir copy of the local newspaper which had their official intention to marry announcement in a civil wedding (known in Greek as Politikos Gamos).

Our fireworks expert Athina, showed us the great range of favours that they also make of just about any theme our brides want. Kostas had to be dragged away from the Candy Bar display as he kept stealing the sweets for quality checking purposes!

I spoke with the cake shop about the final design for recreating the sugar paste, beach theme wedding cake in the original photograph as a Greek style torte. The final cake was very heavy but had yummy layers of strawberry and vanilla inside. Lyndsay decided to keep some of the shells and starfish to put in her wedding memories box.

We met with Ioannis & Katerina and we very impressed with their adjoining villas in Ligia and will be working with them more in the future. The villas offer total accommodation for 18 people with two swimming pools and are beautifully furnished. (Contact us for more details if you are interested).

Tuesday was the Name Day in Greece for Konstantinos & Konstantina so there was a big family meal at Seaside for Kostas and many phone calls and messages wishing Xronia Polla (Many years). Most Greek children are named after their grandparents and the names are usually derived from the Greek Orthodox saints. Every name has a specific Name Day each year on which people with those given names celebrate. You will often find that this is more important than birthdays which are quieter affairs.

Everything looked set to go according to plan until Wednesday, when the weather forecast showed a sudden change in the weather for the Thursday predicting storms and high winds. We checked with all the suppliers they could change their parts of the day to the Friday and went to speak to Adam & Lindsay. Understandably they were upset at the thought of postponing the wedding by a day so I suggested we wait until 19:00 to see  how the weather changed that day and also the updated forecast for Thursday. Unfortunately the wind picked up later in the afternoon and was blowing straight across Vlyho Bay right on to Geni Peninsular and then it started to thunder!

The decision was made and a few swift phone calls later, everything was rearranged for the Friday…


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