LEFKAS WEDDINGS: November update for 2014 weddings

We have been busy working with our 2014 brides on their ideas and several of you have asked what happens at Seaside in the winter time? After they close at the end of September the restaurant is closed down and all the outside elements packed away. Kostas tries to keep the water in the pool for a while if the weather is still warm but eventually this gets emptied for repainting in the spring.

Then the winter months are taken up with paperwork, maintenance on the venue and getting ready for the following season. Christmas is quite low key in Greece with the big celebrations coming around Orthodox Easter (Pashka).

Of course… after working all summer the Seaside team have a well deserved break but Lefkas Weddings doesn’t stop!!

We are looking forward to meeting up with some of our brides later this month to discuss all things wedding and Lefkada related.


LW & Seaside on a rare day off 🙂


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