LEFKAS WEDDINGS: Brides, Gingham and November update

We have been busy, busy the last few weeks and it was lovely last weekend in Cambridge to meet several of our summer brides for next year. We have also been out and about London during the week and met up with a very relaxed bride who is letting her sister plan the big day for her!

Everyone had such different ideas for their day that will all work splendidly with Seaside Restaurant’s neutral, white colour scheme. I am quite excited to get planning and designing how the days will look.

I have been taken over by gingham and been browsing the boards on Pinterest for inspiration and put a few things together. Now all we need someday is a bride who loves gingham and we can get the sewing machine working!


My brother who owns the Solid Block design agency in Norwich and has done work for Jamie Oliver Fifteen, BBC Children in Need & devised the iconic squirrel on the Gnaw chocolate is working on a shiny new website for us which will feature the beautiful wedding pictures we have in a better format.

and finally… I now have a large collection of Minstrels chocolate as they have been on 3 for 2 recently and they are Kosta’s absolute favourite!!


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