LEFKAS WEDDINGS: Walking down the aisle (Seaside jetty)

There are key moments in your wedding but the first and most important is when you walk down the aisle – this is also known as the processional. This is the beginning of your wedding ceremony, the day you have been planning for months or years!

At Seaside our ‘aisle’ is the pretty white washed jetty that leads to the terrace where your Groom is waiting for you. The piece of music you choose to accompany your walk is probably the most memorable one of the day. It could be a favourite song or a classical piece but it should be meaningful to you and helps to make your wedding more unique than the standard choice of the traditional bridal wedding march.

Don’t Rush!

We know you might be feeling a little nervous but try to relax and walk slowly to savour the walk towards your Groom. Take some moments to look around at the friends and family who have flown out to Lefkada to share this special day with you. Walking slowly will allow the photographers to capture better pictures and genuine expressions for beautiful photographs.

Bouquet Etiquette

Keep that bouquet held low! You are the most important person today, the bride, in the beautiful dress you have chosen so don’t hide behind your flowers! Try and make a diamond shape with your arms.

Share these tips with your bridesmaids too, it’s all about the smile and capturing those moments on photographs or film.


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