Wedding Activities on Lefkas: Sunset & Stars

I had a very enjoyable Friday night having being invited by Jane and Stelios of MS Christina to come on the Sunset & Stars evening cruise. I was looking forward to it as I had been on it when I worked Lefkada previously with villa clients and the 2015 cruise takes place on board the boat itself.

We departed Nidri harbour and cruised over to the private island of Skorpios.  At the rear of the island the boat moored at the Jackie Onassis beach and you could take a late evening swim, in the tranquil waters.  As the evening light left we enjoyed a great meal with wine on board before settling down on the very comfortable sunbeds on deck. The crew handed out blankets and as the stars appeared above us in the night sky we were ready for Steve, our guide, to unlock mysteries of the night sky.

Steve was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining, instructing us how to navigate the night sky and pick out the constellations. We were so lucky to see not one but two shooting stars that night!!

It was certainly a magical night and well worth doing with your wedding guests whilst you are in Lefkada. You can join a regular cruise or book the cruise privately just for your party.

Ask us for further details.



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