LEFKAS WEDDINGS: Beach ceremony surprise

Bellisimo!! Arianna & Marco – July 2015

Arianna contacted us secretly to arrange a surprise ceremony on the beach at Agios Ioannis/Milos near Lefkas Town for her fiance Marco before their wedding in Italy in September. She explained Marco has always dreamed about a ceremony on the beach just the two of them, so she wanted to give him this evening as a gift whilst they were in Lefkas with their close friends.

We set up a beautiful arch on the beach with ivory and lilac flowers which would frame the sunset.

At Milos / Agios Ioannis beach every evening the sun melts dramatically into the horizon in a blaze of colour. The beach is a well known location worldwide for kite surfing and the perfect combination of sunset and kite surfers (Marco’s sport) was present on the evening we chose.

Marco thought he was being taken for dinner and was surprised and delighted to see what Arianna had planned for him! The couple and friends had a short ceremony hosted by Claire of Lefkas Weddings and then chilled on the beach with drinks to watch the sun set.

Lefkas Weddings July 2015

Location: Agios Ioannis / Milos beach, Lefkada


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