Rustic church garden wedding in Lefkas for Tessa & Rik

As the shade falls over the garden of little church of Agios Barbaros in Katouna,  the stone steps are lined with gypsophila and lit with candles. The groom, Rik, is waiting at the bottom with family and friends for the sound of the musicians which herald the arrival of his bride, Tessa.

Full of smiles, Tessa descends the steps and joins Rik and their witnesses at the ceremony area in the garden. Today’s ceremony solemnises their marriage on their favourite island of Lefkada, where Rik’s family have a villa.

Hosted by Claire of Lefkas Weddings the ceremony moves along as planned by the couple until the speech of the two best men! There is a big surprise for the couple, who are now invited to take part in some traditional Greek marriage customs.

Joining of Hands
The couple place their right hands together and the best man joins them with a white ribbon symbolising the union of the couple.

The Crowning
The bride and groom are crowned with ‘stefana’ which are joined with a ribbon. As the best man crosses them over their heads, the motion represents their lives being entwined as one.

The Common Cup
A glass of wine is presented to the couple and represents their equal share in the cup of life.

The Procession
The couple are led by the best man, around the table in the first steps of their married life. The third time brings lots of laughter as the guests throw rice and flower petals wishing them good luck!

After the ceremony, everyone congratulated the couple and enjoyed chilled Prosecco and the tasty lemon wedding cake before heading back to the family villa for the wedding dinner and party.

T&R bouquet

Lefkas Weddings August 2015
Venue: Agios Barbaros, Katouna


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