One week to go to the wedding of James & Alexa in Lefkas!


Our next wedding this month is for James and Alexa. They met in January 2014 and a whirlwind 19 months later have a 6 month old daughter and are getting married!

Alexa explained why they chose Lefkas as the location for their special day  

“My family have been holidaying in beautiful Lefkas for over a decade. I have joined them for a sailing holiday every September since 2007. I have always loved the island and the people who live there. I always knew I’d get married abroad and when I took James last September he loved Lefkas just as much as I do. My sister had previously visited Seaside Restaurant with her husband and recommended it’s beautiful setting and wonderful food. So we visited ourselves last September with family and decided there and then this was where we wanted to get married! We asked the owner Kostas if it was possible and he introduced us to Claire from Lefkas Weddings to help make all the arrangements

The guests will be starting the week with separate Stag and Hen evening cruises around the off shore islands of Nidri and will get married at the end of the week at Seaside Restaurant Geni.


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