Top 5 favouite wedding cakes from our summer in Lefkas

Greek wedding cake is delicious and very different from standard fruit or sponge cakes that are popular elsewhere in Europe.

They are of the type called πάστα (pasta) which in Greek means ‘cream cake’. More like a desert than a cake, they consist of very thin layers of sponge (madeira) cake usually chocolate or vanilla and thick layers of flavoured whipped, confectionery cream. The outside is then covered in white, chocolate or cream and decorated with beautiful fresh flowers.

Inside is where the magic happens! Each cake can be a single flavour or combination of flavours to suit the couple’s favourite tastes. From classic vanilla and chocolate to the popular cookies flavour, our couples have chosen combinations of fruit and vanilla and heavenly chocolate and caramel.

This summer the theme of several of our couples was rustic, olive and flowers and randomly they fell all sent us the same inspiration picture from Pinterest which we recreated in different styles!


If you desire a more traditional cake, then a madeira sponge cake such as Tessa & Rik’s three tier lemon and cream wedding cake are also available.

TR Wedding cake


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