Nature’s harmony; a rustic Lefkada wedding shoot

A different side to Lefkada is captured in these beautiful photographs from the wedding of Brad and Nicole in September by Lefkada photographers Foto Eikona. You can read their full wedding story here

The villages of Alexandros and neighbouring Kolivata and Platistoma are typical of the move of the younger population away from the villages towards the coastal resorts and bigger towns, where work and amenities are more plentiful. Where as ten years ago Alexandros was a deserted village of tumbling down houses, it has now drawn new life with families renovating their village homes as weekend houses and holiday rentals for those looking for a Greek village escape.

Neion Guest House in Alexandros is a beautiful example of regeneration and repurposing an old building in harmony with the natural surroundings. The bedrooms have views of the garden, the villages and the sea and in total they can accommodate up to twenty people. The decoration is the classic country style with beautiful exposed beams and wooden floors. Every day a delicious breakfast of local produce is served in the dining room and you can relax in the courtyard and secret hidden spaces. If you want to learn or relax during your stay they run various workshops and yoga sessions throughout the year.

Maria’s taverna in Kolivata is the perfect setting for a intimate wedding dinner. The tavern is open in the summer months but only if you call ahead and let Maria know you are coming, she will then tell you what she has cooked that day! Discover more about this venue here


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