Lefkada Food Festival 2016

Discovering the wines of Lefkada island

Last night we joined the throng of locals and tourists in the busy square ‘Plateia Marka’ in Lefkada town which was full of local producers and groups who produce food and drink products on the island. They were offering samples of all their tasty (and drinkable!) products to promote local suppliers and produce to a wider market.

As well as Ladopita (Lefkas olive oil pie), piquant Lefkas salami and Englouvi lentils we sampled the wines of the four Lefkada vineyards.

With sun drenched summer days and wetter winters which give the island its lush green appearance, it also provides an ideal environment for the cultivation of wine grape varieties.

The history of viniculture on the island dates back to antiquity and the most commonly found grape varieties are Vardea and Vertzami. The south of the island is home to the white Vardea grape around the villages of Agios Petros, Sivros and Vassiliki. This grape originates from Italy, where is it not widely used but can be found in sweet wines from the north west of the country. On Lefkada it is grown and used to produce a fresh dry white wine that is a great accompaniment to locally caught fresh fish and salty Feta cheese.

Vertzami is commonly found in central Greek and Cypriot vineyards. It is also known as Lefkas Vertzami and its orign like Vardea is Italian.  Grown more in the central and north of the island it produces a wine with a deep red colour. These wines are perfect for the hearty meat dishes of the area such as Giovetsi and Stifado.

For your wedding day in Lefkada their is plenty of choice of wines for your wedding dinner and several of the vineyards can be visited to taste their offerings.  We can also organise a personal wine tasting for you and your guests with the experts from de blanck wine and champagne bar.

Siflogo Lefkada | Vineyard location: Platistoma, Lefkas | http://www.siflogo-lefkada.gr

  • Wine tour available by appointment only

Lefkas Earth | Vineyard location: Sivros, Lefkas | http://www.lefkaditikigi.gr/

  • Wine tour available daily

Vertzamo | Vineyard location: Ligia, Lefkas | http://www.vertzamo.gr

Lefkas Hills | Vineyard location: Agias Ilias |

St Anna Estate: Vineyard location: Kaligoni, Lefkas | http://lefkasdistillery.com/

  • Tasting/tour available on request

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