L&N Wedding in Meganisi with The M/S Christina

“It was the most beautiful day ever!” 

We are delighted to share the story of Nick and Lorna’s evening wedding with a private cruise on the M/S Christina earlier in June this year.

We had always dreamt of having a small wedding in a warm relaxed atmosphere without the formalities of a typical UK wedding. We had visited Lefkas previously and liked the style of the Ionian Islands so it was our natural choice for our wedding day.

Working with Claire and Jane was very informal and so efficient! Everything we wanted was explored and even if it wasn’t something Claire had done before – she made sure that she sourced it so that our experience was extra special.

One of the biggest things we wanted was to take a boat to the venue with our guests and as soon as we saw The M/S Christina we knew that she had to be part of our plan. We worked with Claire and Jane to find the perfect location to include the boat and suit the ideas we had of our perfect wedding.

We were given many options, but Nick in particular wanted the wedding to be somewhere only reachable by boat. So when Claire proposed tiny Meganisi island, which sits off shore of Lefkas it fitted us perfectly. We have visited it on two previous occasions and we loved its natural unspoilt beauty and the fact that it’s still quite a hidden gem as a island for weddings.

The ceremony..

The guests cruised on board M/S Christina to Agios Ioannis beach on the east coast of Meganisi and the ceremony took place in the pretty, shaded gardens by the sea. Yellow sunflowers decorated the arch and framed the view of the sparkling blue water as Lorna and Nick exchanged vows in a very personal ceremony. A flurry of pink Bougainvillea was thrown at the couple by the guests and everyone enjoyed chilled prosecco whilst the newly weds chatted to their family and friends.

It gave us both huge pleasure experiencing all of the things we had planned, unfolding exactly as we wanted and watching people’s reactions as it all came together as being there with such special people. Nick adds that his favourite moment was waiting at the ceremony for me to arrive.

There was a funny moment as soon as the ceremony had finished the Captain of the M/S Christina started an impromptu Zorba and danced me and my daughters around the gardens of Il Paradiso.


The wedding dinner…

The wedding dinner was held at Lorna and Nick’s favourite restaurant, The Pinewood, which has an enviable position located directly on the beach at Nidri with a view of Madouri and the islands. We helped Lorna and Nick create a menu which included their favourite dish of Sea bream with ouzo, garlic and mushrooms and the guests were entertained after dinner by traditional Lefkadian dancers with their colourful outfits and lively music.  Lorna wanted all the guests to have a favour of the day and so she gave everyone a typical Greek wedding favour of sugared almonds ‘koufeta’ tied with yellow/purple ribbon.

The wedding dress and outfits…

Lorna’s wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses were the Classic ballgown style from twobirds Bridesmaid collection.

I wanted an elegant formal dress without it being overly bridal and the Classic dress we could each choose to wear the straps in style that suited us individually.

Nick was definite from the start that he wanted to get married in a white shirt, linen trousers and flip flops and they found the perfect combination at M&S to suit his requirements!

The flowers…

Lorna’s bouquet was vibrant mix of sunflowers and purple iris, with the bridesmaids carrying smaller bouquets of sunflowers and wild flowers. The table flowers were a co-ordinated mix of sunflowers, iris and lavender which gave a lovely aroma. Lorna and Nick’s choice of yellow and purple also reflects the Spring wild flowers you see around the island which are a burst of yellow and purple by the roadside and in the fields.

I love sunflowers as they are such a happy flower and I have them around the house when they are in season. I wore a purple dress when we got engaged and it stuck with us a favourite colour and is a good contrast with the yellow sunflowers. 

A rustic wedding cake…

the cake was two tiers of vanilla and black cherry Greek style wedding cake. The couple brought their own personalised, wooden script cake topper to complete the cake which was decorated in a rustic style with raffia, sunflowers and lavender and presented on a tree trunk base.

Pre-Wedding fun for the girls and the boys!

The day before the wedding, Lorna and Nick each wanted to do something separately so we arranged for Lorna and the girls to go by boat to the Seaside Restaurant in Geni where they enjoyed cocktails and dinner. Nick and the boys wanted to do something active and so they took part in a guided bike ride in the olive groves up to Paleokatouna with Get Active Lefkas which included a beer stop halfway! They then refueled with dinner at No Menu in Nidri where the chef creates a surprise dinner from the seasonal produce of the day.

What would be your one piece of advice to anyone else thinking to marry in Greece?

It’s so much easier, more cost effective, and enjoyable than the stresses of a traditional UK wedding. We arranged a party back in the UK for the weekend after we returned which caused us more stress than the wedding in Lefkas – Claire we should have asked you to help us with that too!

The weather is almost guaranteed to be perfect and you have many choices of venue. Claire and the team will make sure that your day (and week!) is as perfect as possible. Just do it!

Lorna & Nick


Did you know…

The sunflower is the Greek symbol of Clytie (a water nymph) who turns into a sunflower after grieving over the loss of her love Apollo. The mythological symbolism here is that Clytie (in the form of a sunflower) is always facing the sun, looking for Apollo’s chariot to return and she might be joined again with her love.


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