Confetti for your Greek island wedding

Why do we throw confetti? 

The tradition stems from Italy where confetti is the Italian word for the candied sweets handed out at events. It also describes the small plaster imitations of them thrown during carnivals along with flowers. The custom spread to other European countries and by late 19th century had been swapped for the paper discs we see today. 

Why do they throw rice in Greece?
In other countries rice is thrown to bestow good wishes of prosperity and fertility on the newly married couple. 

In Greece this is thrown at the couple at the marriage ceremony, during their first steps as man and wife. 

What type of confetti can our guests throw at our wedding? 

The majority of our ceremony locations are outdoors in the natural environment; the beach, olive groves, terraces etc

We ask you to respect these beautiful surroundings and use only dried flower confetti or flower petals which are 100% natural and biodegradable. 

Can I buy flower confetti in Greece? 
Dried Flower Confetti – Unfortunately it seems very elusive over here so we recommend you bring it with you. 

It is extremely light weight so will fit easily in your luggage! 

Rose petals – Yes just let us know when you order your bouquets and other flowers. 

How much confetti do we need? 

The general recommendation from online sellers is 1 litre of dried flower petal confetti is equivalent to 10 handfuls

From experience we can say around at a large wedding 30+ guests half the guests will throw (usually the ladies!).

For a smaller wedding where you want all the guests to form a confetti line you will need enough for each guest. 


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