Intimate wedding for two at Seaside Lefkada

“Our favourite part? It was perfect because all of them…the Seaside… the boat trip… the wedding cake… we can´t choose any one thing! !”

“Our first holiday together we had in Lefkas with our best friends, at this time we fell in love with the island. 

“We saw the pictures of the Seaside Restaurant and knew it was the right one for our wedding. It is romantic, direct to the sea and we love the style. Our choice was confirmed because the staff and especially Kostas did a great job to make our day perfect!”

Anja & Gino from Germany met when they test drove a VW Scirocco in 2009 and they took their first holiday together a year later. Then in 2016 contra to tradition Gino said “yes” to Anja’s proposal on 8 May 2016 before revealing that he had already decided to pop the question to her on their planned holiday in Lefkada in August! So the excited couple transformed their holiday into their wedding trip!

“The holiday was planned before we knew we were going to marry at this holiday. It was a little bit busy because we only had three months for planning the wedding, but with Claire’s awesome help everything was fine and we felt safe!”


“The dress had to be light and I wanted it to be a little bit simple but gracious.  I think it is only important that the bride wears the dress and not the dress wears the bride. When I saw myself in the dress for the first time I knew I could imagine to marry Gino in this dress!  

Gino doesn´t like to wear suits and he was thankful that the way we were going to marry did not really suit it. So he found the perfect outfit in a white linen trousers and a light blue linen shirt.”

“I didn´t want to have a usual bouquet with roses because our wedding was not typical. Also I didn´t want many colours. I had searched for something that is suitable to Greece, us and the way we were going to marry. When I saw the combination of peony and olive branches I knew, this is it.”

 “The decision to marry by the sea should be also found in our decoration, so we choose the colour of the sea and decoration with starfish and shells”

On the wedding day, Gino relaxed by the sea at Seaside and a surprise was in store for Anja. As the couple were on an elopement Anja did not have anyone to assist her with her preparation so Claire and her colleague Jane from MS Christina, whisked her off for some pampering at the hair salon and then a fun afternoon of champagne, make up and laughter as they helped her get ready.  Final surprise was a the sleek black Mercedes and handsome chauffeur waiting to escort Anja to her Groom.


“The day was perfect! Everything was perfect! Unforgettable! We cannot say that it could be better than it was.”

What would be your one piece of advice to anyone else thinking to marry in Greece?

“We would advise them to marry in Lefkada, because it is the most beautiful place in Greece and there is a great person who will help you for your wedding. Her name is Claire.”

Claire:   Thank you so much! It was lot a fun to work with you. One question for you… We gave you the decoration from the wedding table for decoration your kitchen back home in Germany. Did you do something nice? 🙂

“Of course! We use it still as decoration. In summer when we do a barbecue we decorate our garden table for dinner with the fabric and also with the starfish and shells. If we do not barbecue we decorate our furniture in the living room to have little a bit of Lefkas feeling with us!”


How we created this day:

Arrangements by Claire Salisbury @ Lefkas Weddings

Photography by Alexandros Giotopoulos

Ceremony and dinner at Seaside Restaurant, Geni, Lefkada

Flowers and decoration by Tasos at Gourioti Flowers

Speedboat cruise by the M/S Christina team


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