Kathisma beach romance

We have been to many places in Greece but Lefkada was always the place of the best adventures, celebrations with friends and other great moments!

A little wedding magic brought bright sunshine to this September day creating idyllic moments at Kathisma beach, Lefkada for our romantic couple from Slovakia.

The wedding dress was simple and light, perfect for an Ionian beach wedding. Our Bride, Kristina, carried a bouquet of pastel peach peonies with olives. David, the Groom, together with all the guests wore olive buttonholes. “I got inspired by Pinterest, which was also one of the communication channels for Claire and us, where we posted our ideas and inspirations. I  found it under Greek style bouquets and I fell in love with it!”

There was fun and laughter getting ready as the couple and their families were staying at the same hotel. Before leaving to go down to the beach, the couple toasted each other and posed for pictures together and with their family.

David waited for his bride next to the sparkling blue of the Ionian sea,  framed by an arch of delicate pink and white flowers under which the couple exchanged their rings and personal vows to each other.  It was very intimate and relaxed with Kristina’s sister assisting with a Slovak translation for the guests.

After the ceremony, the well wishers showered the couple with rice and they enjoyed the evening beach sunshine with drinks, traditional Greek music and a little impromptu dancing!

The evening dinner was at the stunning restaurant of Rachi in Exanthia village.

With Claire we met the chef in the restaurant to agree on the final menu a couple of days before. On the day it was a good mood and atmosphere…amazing food in restaurant was in an amount we could not eat even if we were 20 there…! Pleasant waiters and waitresses who learned Slovak words from Google translator for us 🙂 “

Why they chose a destination wedding?

“Since none of us wanted the traditional Big Slovak Wedding, we quite easily agreed on the destination wedding. As soon as all closest family members said they would not mind, Greece was the first choice for us! Simply, because we love Lefkada and Greece! We have been to many places in Greece;  Kefalonia, Paxos, Anti-paxos, Parga, Halkidiki and David road tripped around the whole of Greece! For us Lefkada was always the place of the best adventures, celebrations with friends and other great moments.  We knew exactly the location where we wanted to stay – Kathisma Beach, Lefkada!”

And how it all went…?

“All day round was Great and enjoyed with fun & spontaneous moments…like the mom´s resisting bare feet until touching the sand with their high heels and realizing that´s no go no go option… 🙂

A little adventurous also… it was a nice week then heavy rain from early morning, until late afternoon…but just shortly before 5pm turning into a perfect sunny evening, just ready for the Ceremony! 

It was so much worth the effort & energy spent on all the planning! Thanks to Claire, it was easy and smooth! 🙂 We cannot imagine organizing it without her help!”

What would be your one piece of advice to anyone else thinking to marry in Greece? 

“Just GO FOR IT!”




Wedding Arrangements: Lefkas Weddings by Claire Salisbury

Photography: Vagelis Giotopoulos for V&A Giotopoulos, Ioannina

Florist: Gourioti Flowers

Location: Kathisma beach, Lefkada (Lefkas)

Venue: Rachi, Exanthia


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