The important things…

Q: Do we need a wedding planner to get married on Lefkas, Meganisi, Parga, Paleros and other areas?
No, you can arrange things yourself, but it will not be easy unless you have a good knowledge of Greek, for dealing with the paperwork and the Town hall. It takes a lot of co-ordination to arrange a wedding at a distance and so we are here to assist you and make sure that you have all the elements you need to make your day a success.

Q: Which nationalities do you arrange weddings and celebrations for?
Our clients are from all over world! Over the last 5 years we have created beautiful days for clients from UK, Greece, Denmark, Belgium, Czech, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia and USA!

Q: Why should we choose Lefkas Weddings service?
Simply because we love creating personal weddings for our clients and we do it well! Claire celebrated five years of wedding planning in 2016 and it is definitely her dream job come true. We have venues our clients love year after year and we also enjoy looking for new beaches, villas, restaurants and tavernas each summer to build up our little black book of locations. This is why we like to get to know you and what is important so we can recommend the best location for your special day.

Q: Should we visit the wedding location or the area before the wedding?
No, in fact some of our couples have never been to the island or location before they arrived for their weddings, they just fall in love with the venue and the island from pictures! Everything can be arranged from your home country including the paperwork and Claire is available via email/phone for any queries that you may have.

If you want to visit, then we would love to meet you and we can arrange a schedule of places to visit before you come so you can see everything you need to and have some time to relax too!

Q: How long do we need to be resident on Lefkas before we can get married?
As we have your paperwork in advance we can co-ordinate the necessary arrangements without you, allowing you to marry in Lefkas, Meganisi or Parga during a one week stay if you wished. Our couples usually stay for one or two weeks. We see a mix with those that stay two weeks, either having their guests with them for the full duration or just joining them for the wedding week.

Q: Will our wedding be legal in the UK or other home country?
Yes, although your marriage certificates will be issued in Greek, so they will need translating on your return.

Q: What legal documents do we need?
Both parties are required to have a 10 year passport or National Identity Card, a birth certificate, a Certificate of No Impediment (Certificate of Single Status) plus if relevant any of the following: adoption certificate, deed poll of change of name, death certificate (if widowed), decree absolute (if divorced).

Your documents will all need an Apostille stamp affixing and a Greek translation.  We will advise you based on your home country where to source and apply for these documents.

For UK clients: To make the process easy for you we offer a document service by an approved FCO Interpreter, a member of the Institute of Linguists and a member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting. If you require this service we will put you in contact with them and they will confirm the documents required, organise the Apostille Stamps, translations and Greek Embassy verification.

Q: What does a civil ceremony comprise of?
A civil ceremony is officiated by the Mayor of the Municipality and he/she is accompanied by a translator who will repeat the legal statements in English. The ceremony time takes only ten minutes so you are allowed to customise it with your own vows or readings. You are legally required to have two witnesses.

Q: Is a church wedding or blessing possible?
We are able to arrange a Greek Orthodox marriage blessing and for a blessing by the Chaplain of The Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Corfu. They are happy to provide this service in Lefkas for Christians of all denominations and we will provide you will more details on how we can arrange this for you. As this is a blessing you will need to either undertake a civil ceremony in Lefkas or the UK in order to be legally married.

To be married in a Greek church either both or one of the couple must be baptised in the Orthodox religion. There is neither an Anglican or Catholic Church on Lefkas.

Q: Can we have a symbolic wedding or renew our vows?
Whilst the legal paperwork requires some time to complete it is not a difficult process and we will guide you all the way. If you prefer to marry legally in your home country first to remove this stage, your ceremony in Lefkas will then be your symbolic wedding day where you can acknowledge your commitment to each other in front of family and friends and exchange personal vows. A renewal of vows can undertaken in the same way or with an Anglican Blessing as detailed in the answer to the previous question.

Q: We would like a wedding celebrant, is this possible?
We can arrange a qualified FPC wedding celebrant for you if you require this service

Q: How many guests do you cater for and what price do packages start from?
We arrange intimate weddings and ceremonies for just two people up to big celebrations for over 200 people!

We will tailor make the day to your requirements and will assist with arranging photography, flowers, transport and entertainment, so contact us with your wedding details to see what we can offer for you.

Q: How and when do we pay for our wedding?
An initial deposit is required to confirm the date with the venue. Instructions on how to pay by bank transfer are included with the deposit request and invoice.

Q: Which airport do we need to fly to for Lefkas, Meganisi, Parga, Sivota, Paleros?
The nearest airport is Preveza which is 30 minutes drive from the capital, Lefkas Town. Lefkas is unique in that it is connected to the mainland by a swing bridge. Flights from the UK, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Sweden, Norway & Czech Rep are available from May-October.  There are domestic flights from Athens with Aegean Airlines and from Corfu and Kefalonia with Sky Express. For other options via Athens, Thessaloniki, or Corfu please contact us to advise you.

The finer details…

Q: Where will the civil ceremony be held?
The ceremony is held in the Town Hall or at an another location of your choice. We will provide the ceremony table with flowers and chairs for guests. If you would like more decoration, the florist can supply an organza & flower arch or flower columns to match your decoration theme.

Q: What wedding transport is available?
Different options are available depending on which resort you choose to stay in. The bridal party can choose from car, yacht or speedboat. For guests there is the choice of taxis or a coach to bring them to Geni. We are now pleased to offer vintage cars and VW camper van as wedding transport options for you!

Q: Can you cater for different dietary requirements?
Yes we have worked with our partners to provide vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, nut free and dairy free options and menus for our clients. If you can advise your requirements with ample notice we will work with you to make sure all your guests have a good choice of menu dishes.

Kosher wedding dinner options can be arranged on request and with prior notice.

Q: What type of wedding cake is included?
Our price includes a standard, Greek style wedding cake. This is a layered torte style cake, usually decorated with fresh flowers and has a choice of flavours. You can of course add extra tiers and decoration to suit yourselves.

Q: How will the reception be set out and decorated?
Your reception will be held at the venue of your choice; taverna, restaurant, hotel, villa, beach or wherever else we can make your dream come true!

Q: What accommodation is available?
Lefkas, Meganisi and Parga and the other areas offer a high standard of holiday accommodation to suit all budgets from luxury villas and hotels to apartments and studios. We have a useful information sheet we will send to you with suggestions for accommodation ion the island but flight bookings and package holidays must be booked by yourself separately.

Q: Will you supply wedding favours?
We can take care of the wedding favours for you which can be boxed or in organza bags. They will contain the traditional sugared almonds (Koufeta). Chocolate favours are not recommended as they tend to melt in the heat.

The egg shape of the Koufeta represents fertility and the new life which begins with marriage. The hardness of the almond represents the endurance of marriage and the sweetness of the sugar symbolizes the sweetness of future life. An odd number of almonds is given in each favour as it is indivisible, just as The Bride and The Groom shall remain undivided.

Q: We have bought some table decorations/favours. Can we bring them with us?
Yes, just let us know in advance what you are bringing and make sure you give them to us in plenty of time when you arrive.

Q: How do we order the flowers & are all varieties available?
When you have decided what flowers you would like for the bridal party, we will confirm them with our florist, including the bouquet style, hair flower decorations and button holes as you require. Most flowers are available May-September.

Q: Are we able to buy our wedding rings in Lefkas?
Yes there are jewellers in both Lefkas Town and Parga. Greek gold is of a very high quality.

Q: Can you help us arrange any other special events / days out?
Yes we can provide suggestions or help arrange activities for your guests, maybe you want to arrange a special dinner or cake for a birthday/anniversary or enjoy a private boat cruise with your wedding guests to thank them for attending your special day.