Sunrise Elopement at Porto Katsiki Beach – Barbara & Neven

This sunrise elopement at Porto Katsiki beach was definitely worth getting up before the sun! In this post, I’m sharing everything you need to know to plan your dream sunrise elopement and this blog will have you ready to jump out of bed before the sun comes up for your own sunrise adventure elopement in Greece.

back view of couple sat on white stone beach with cushions looking out to sea

Sunrise brings a touch of magic to your wedding ceremony. Getting married is a transition itself, and you’ll understand how beautiful it is to mark that transition with the rising of a star. To know in this big wide world as night changes to day you have found someone to share all the days of your life with. 

Porto Katsiki beach Lefkada Greece
Meet the couple of this sunrise elopement at Porto Katsiki beach

When we were planning their day, Barbara and Neven both mentioned how much they absolutely love to travel and in their nine years together they have explored the globe and made memories in over 30 countries!  Maxeen and I thought it was perfect therefore that on one of those trips together, watching the sunrise in Morocco, Neven asked Barbara to marry him and she said Yes! So they decided that they would like to recapture that moment, as the sun rises for their elopement. It was to be an intimate ceremony, just the two of them on their holiday exploring the Greek islands before their more traditional wedding in Croatia in the autumn with family and friends.

bride with glasses holding white and green flowers laughing with groom with arms around each other

We collected the excited couple from their hotel in Nidri and drove towards the south cape of Lefkada where the only traffic we met was a herd of goats, with their bells jangling as they crossed the road in front of us! The daylight was just breaking as we reached Porto Katsiki beach and we descended the steps to our deserted paradise. Kicking off their shoes, the couple walked along the beach to explore and we set up their breakfast picnic.

mini champagne on slate with crystal glasses with beach in background
Porto Katsiki beach Lefkada Greece

As the sun rose to reveal the azure blue colour of the Ionian sea, Barbara and Neven stood hand in hand by the seashore and exchanged vows. They followed this with a sand pouring ritual, mixing sand, pebbles and shells from the beach to make a lasting memory. We left them to enjoy some private moments with a champagne breakfast picnic with pastries and cookies made by a local bakery. It was the best morning with such a great couple!

sand pouring beach wedding ceremony sand bottles
bride with glasses holding white and green flowers laughing with groom with arms around each other
bride and groom at beach at sunrise for elopement
slate tiered stand with greek pastries beach picnic
slate tiered stand with greek pastries beach picnic and couple embracing

And the extra-special part of it for me was that it was also my birthday! I was lucky to be at the most beautiful beach on Lefkada with one of my best friends, our elopement photographer Maxeen Duncan, and eat cake for breakfast!

white rose, olive and eucalyptus bride elopement bouquet
3 Things to keep in mind for a sunrise elopement

Dreaming of your own sunrise elopement? Here are three things to keep in mind:

  • Keeping to the timeline is key
  • Be sure to get an early night the evening before!
  • Plan a post sunrise ceremony activity

First, it’s especially important to keep to the timeline for a sunrise elopement. This means you’ll need to get up and go before the sun rises to capture that perfect shot. The sun isn’t going to wait for you, for me, or your photographer. Once it’s risen, it’s risen! If you’re thinking of a sunrise elopement, you really have to be willing to keep to the schedule. If this doesn’t sound like your dream day, (and that’s totally okay if it doesn’t!), you have a bit more leeway with a sunset schedule, so that might be a better choice.

An early night is recommended as sunrise is early between 06:00 – 06:30 during the summer months in Greece. Plus, you need to get up and plan enough time to get ready and drive to your location, especially if you need to walk a little when you arrive.

Finally, it’s a good idea to think about how you would like to spend the day after your sunrise elopement. Barbara and Neven headed to Nidri harbour for a delicious brunch, and then went to relax at the beach. But you have so many options for your day! Want to go paddleboarding, horseback riding or kayaking after your sunrise elopement? You can totally incorporate all your fun ideas into your day.

aerial shot of bride and groom walking hand in hand along white beach greece
bride and groom kissing on stairs above porto katsiki beach lefkada

Do you love the idea of planning an elopement in Lefkada but not sure where to start? Contact me to discuss how we can plan it together.

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