Types of Wedding

Civil ceremonies

These can take place at the Town Hall in Nidri or Lefkada. We can also arrange for a civil wedding service for you in many romantic, scenic and unusual locations on the island.

Popular civil ceremony locations are restaurant, taverna or other venue, on the beach and at private villas

Orthodox Weddings

These take place inside the church of your choosing. Lefkas has many chapels and churches for you to choose from. Ceremonies here tend to take place from late afternoon onwards.

Marriage Blessing

(Anglican, Church of England and other Christian denominations)

We are able to arrange for a blessing by the Chaplain of The Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Corfu. They are happy to provide this service in Lefkas for Christians of all denominations and we will provide you will more details on how we can arrange this for you. As this is a blessing you will need to either undertake a civil ceremony in Lefkas or the UK in order to be legally married.

Catholic Wedding/Blessing

There is not a Catholic Church on Lefkas island. However as a Christian denomination, The Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Corfu are able to discuss your requirements for a marriage blessing on Lefkas.

Symbolic Ceremonies

These include personal wedding ceremonies, vow renewals and same sex commitment ceremonies. We will help you create the perfect ceremony and officiate for you as required. A certificate will be provided as a momento of this special event.

Same sex commitment ceremony

Your commitment ceremony is acknowledged by all involved and is one of the most meaningful expressions of your love to each other. We will provide the memorable day with a  beautiful backdrop which you will have as memories for years to come. The ceremony can involve an exchange of rings/vows and you can include readings, poems and music that has special meanings to you both.

Please note that although 22.12.15 the Greek parliament passed a bill recognising same sex civil union partnerships, this is still not passed as law by parliament.  contact us to discuss further.