Persephone’s Bouquet: 5 Flowers For Your Wedding From Greek Mythology

Beautiful Bouquet with Flowers inspired by Greek Mythology

From purity to passion, flowers have many meanings throughout Greek myths and legends. So why not draw from these beautiful stories, specifically that of Persephone, and include 5 flowers for your wedding from Greek Mythology

Each flower I have selected for you is associated with a legend and together they form the flowers of Persephone’s bouquet. These are the flowers the goddess Persephone and her companion Nymphs were gathering in a springtime meadow when she was abducted by the god Hades; rose, crocus, violet, iris, lily and larkspur (Source: Homeric Hymns).

Pink Garden Roses at a Villa in Greece

Rose. Aphrodite the goddess of love is credited with creating the rose from her tears over the mortally wounded Adonis and the goddess of flowers, Chloris, was said to breathe roses as she spoke. Throughout the ages writers, poets, artists, and others have used the rose as a metaphor for undying love, beauty, and passion. They are the perfect wedding flower being both ideal for classic and contemporary styles of bouquet and arrangements.

Lily. Associated with Hera, the Greek goddess of marriage and created by Hera in the legend of Zeus and his son by the mortal woman Alceme. The lily symbolizes purity and refined beauty and based on the colour or type, the lily can convey different meanings; white is for modesty and virginity, orange is for passion and yellow for gaiety. A much sought after choice for bouquets due to its luxurious and elegant appearance, Calla, Stargazer and Casablanca lilies are all ideal for a destination wedding in Lefkada.

Iris. The goddess Iris, a messenger to the gods was thought to use the rainbow as a bridge between heaven and earth. By some accounts, the ancient Greeks believed the rainbow was actually the flowing, multi-coloured robes of Iris. Others believed the beautiful multi-coloured flowers were also part of her robe or the flowing veil from her dress. Thus, these flowers were named to honour the Rainbow Goddess and bring favour upon the earth. Typically purple or blue, although they can be found in yellow, pink and red also, they are a pretty flower to combine in a bridal bouquet.

Violets. Greek legend tells of a nymph named Io, who was beloved by Zeus. To hide her from Hera, his wife, Zeus changed Io into a white cow. When Io wept over the taste and texture of the coarse grass, Zeus changed her tears into dainty, sweet-smelling violets only she was permitted to eat. They are a perfect Spring flower for a wedding bouquet, bridesmaid posy, in centrepieces and to decorate cakes.

Persephone's Bouquet: 5 Flowers For Your Wedding From Greek Mythology

Larkspur. Similar to the Delphinium, the larkspur is a pretty cluster of many flowers on a long stem. According to Greek mythology, larkspur flowers came forth from the blood of Ajax, who killed himself after he could not obtain the protective covering of the slain soldier Achilles. Thus, larkspur is often known as ‘the knight’s spur,’ and a flower that has existed for thousands of years. Arrange these blooms with other flowers for a wild flower and rustic floral theme.

I hope this has inspired you to add some mythical charm to your wedding bouquet and centrepieces. If you are dreaming of your own gorgeous destination wedding in Lefkada and would like some help bringing your dreams to life, contact me. I would love to discus your wedding with you.

Photography: Maxeen Kim Photography

Persephone's Bouquet: 5 Flowers For Your Wedding From Greek Mythology