Parga Micro Wedding Highlights

On the picturesque Epirus coast lies the charming town of Parga, a hidden gem that exudes old-town charm and authentic Greek atmosphere. In July, we had the privilege of creating a truly intimate celebration amidst the stunning backdrop of this coastal paradise—a micro wedding that brought together ten cherished guests for a day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

Against the backdrop of Parga’s azure waters, Hannah and Worran exchanged vows in a ceremony that was as intimate as it was breathtaking. Surrounded by pampas grass and delicate blooms we created a floral backdrop that was unique and allowed the view to be centre stage.

Following the ceremony, the guests gathered for a reception at Irida Boutique Hotel that was nothing short of extraordinary. A table adorned with flickering candlelight created an atmosphere of elegance and romance, while the eight-course tasting menu showcased the gastronomic delights of the hotel restaurant, Four Elements.

To experience the magic of this unforgettable micro wedding in Parga, Greece, I invite you to watch the highlights film below by our favourite filmmaker, Angelos Lagos.

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Planned by Claire at Lefkas Weddings

Film by Angelos Lagos Filmmaker