Destination Vow Renewal at Seaside Lefkada

Couple smiling at each other with sea in background

The elegant atmosphere of Seaside Restaurant was perfect for the intimate and personal Lefkada vow renewal of Brian and Siobhan.

Brian contacted me a few weeks before their family holiday to Lefkada, Greece. He wanted to arrange a surprise vow renewal for his wife Siobhan, as this year was their 30th wedding anniversary. The holiday was especially important as the family had been separated for a while as their daughters had been travelling.

They were all looking forward immensely to reconnecting as a family, during a relaxing week in a luxury villa on Lefkada, where they had passed a previous, enjoyable holiday together.

Brian told me he is not known for planning surprises or events so he wanted to take the lead and make all the arrangements for a memorable evening with their daughters.

When the evening arrived, Siobhan thought it was just a dinner at their favourite restaurant on the island. She was completely blown away as Brian revealed the real purpose of the evening and the surprise was met with lots of happy tears and joy!

Owner of Seaside, Kostas, appeared with champagne and the photographer Maxeen and I revealed ourselves, as not just fellow guests at the next table, but part of his special plan!

Bride with excited smile walking by sea with groom at surprise vow renewal

The white Phalaenopsis orchids were the standout highlight of the vow renewal ceremony. Paired with eucalyptus, olive fabric and gold geometric details it was stunningly elegant on the Seaside Restaurant terrace.

Decorated table with vase of orchids on terrace by sea for vow renewal ceremony
Gold pestal vase with white orchids and olive on table with candles

The ceremony included the re-confirming of their wedding rings. A ring which Siobhan thought was safely at the jewellers back in the UK being cleaned! She was surprised and delighted to find it presented to her by Brian, for this second, meaningful moment in their life together.

close up of wedding rings with orchid flowers at Lefkada vow renewal
Vow renewal ceremony by the sea with vows

Including the family is always an important part of vow renewals, and as they all love Greece I added an exchange of olive wreaths called stefana. This fun ritual was led by daughters; Tierney and Ailis, who followed this with a poem entitled ‘Thirty Years’, they had written especially for their parents about their respect of their relationship and the love of the family.

Olive stefana on table at vow renewal ceremony
couple with olive crowns at vow renewal ceremony
Daughter removing olive crowns from her parents heads at vow renewal ceremony
Couple looking emotional as daughter reads poem at vow renewal ceremony
Couple emotional as daughters read to them at vow renewal ceremony
Family ceremony with all members holding hands
Family drinking champage and laughing together by sea
View of vlyho bay in Lefkada with yachts
Table with grey linen at gold vase with white orchids

Their dinner table featured an identical floral arrangement as the centrepiece with white flatware and black stem glasses on dove grey table linen.

Gold pestal vase of white orchids

We had a fabulous evening thanks so much! It was a beautiful service and moment for the four of us. Brian & Siobhan

Couple with foreheads touching and eyes closed by the sea at Seaside Lefkada

If you are considering your own luxury vow renewal in Lefkada or Meganisi and looking for a planner, send me an email here with all the details of your day. I would love to help bring your special day to life.

Thank you to my wonderful team of suppliers who helped me this memorable Lefkada vow renewal happen.